Advanced Combat Training Systems for Realistic Combat Simulation

ARTAIS (Advanced Range Tracking And Instrumentation System) allows for a modern approach to duel simulation, firing range training, armored vehicle driving training, and simulation debriefing through an integrated system of sensors, optics, and controls that give soldiers and instructors real-time, real-world vision and data.

Equip Your Fighting Force with Precision Training


Control Room

Features of ARTAIS
Fully deployed in 20 minutes or less, ARTAIS is uniquely designed to outfit armored vehicles and weapons systems including MBTs, armored IFVs and more regardless of manufacturer type with an array of advanced sensors and instrumentation for the most realistic and productive combat simulation achievable.

  • Remote-Control Functions
    Remote weapons blocking and camera control for integrated instruction management and safety
  • 16 Camera Systems per vehicle
    Supports up to 16 remote-controlled cameras with pan, tilt, zoom, and thermal / night vision compatibility
  • Optics Camera
    Periscope optics camera placement allows for real-time instructor visibility of training grounds, targets, and crew performance
  • Vehicle Data
    Lead angles, ammunition types, speed, acceleration, turn indicators, temperature, and positions are shown on an interactive map
  • Full Instructor Overview with Audio, Visuals, Vehicle Data, and Camera Control
    Live-stream radio, audio, visual, and sensor data overview with camera controls integrated with instructor command vehicle
  • Air-Conditioned Instructor Command Workstation
    Instructor workstation comfort control for optimal focus, precision, and command
  • Full Data Recording
    Audio, visual, and sensor data for debriefing, archiving, and performance metrics
  • All-Weather and All-Terrain
    Designed for durability and compatibility in any type of weather or terrain scenario

Duel Simulation with ARTAIS
ARTAIS is designed to surpass laser engagement system capabilities by achieving realistic training environments, hit detection, and soldier assessment and reaction to battle grounds and conditions. Instructors equipped with ARTAIS have the advantage of full overview, remote weapons blocking and camera control, and mediation among vehicle teams and units with real-time data delivered across multiple instructor workstations simultaneously for safe real-world training environments and results.

Firing Range Training with ARTAIS
ARTAIS gives instructors complete visual, audio, and data oversight of firing range performance along with camera and weapons blocking control for optimal safety, ammunitions selection and conservation, target precision, and crew instruction.

Driving Training with ARTAIS
Vehicle teams with ARTAIS have increased vision, awareness, response times, and instructor assistance with control functions during driving training. ARTAIS offers cost-effective safety and driving training solutions in both combat and non-combat modes.

Debriefing with ARTAIS

ARTAIS equips instructors with comprehensive data collection of training elements allowing for an immersive, insightful, and detailed debriefing process. All data contents can be easily recorded, edited, and archived for reference. ARTAIS features mobile container functionality for rapid deployment or a compact stationary workplace.

                                     ARTAIS CUSTOMIZATION

Get in touch with our development team to plan, design, and implement an ARTAIS system within custom vehicle and infrastructure parameters to achieve unique cost and training utilization goals.